Be inspired by clients who are already pursuing their second half goals

Retiring Couple Discover Family Roots in Ireland

John and Angie Hood traveled to Europe together for the first time to celebrate 35 years of marriage and John’s pending retirement. The couple celebrated their anniversary on January 14, and John retired from Northrop Grumman after 36 and a half years on January 17, 2020. “Because of careful financial

Celebrating 100: VWS Client Retirement Plan Lasts a Lifetime

A perfect week for centenarian Nelle Corlew includes crossword puzzles, a trip to her hairdresser, chatting with family and friends and going to church on Sundays. “She watches the news and reads the paper,” Jan Bentley, Nelle’s daughter, said. “She’s very aware of what’s going on in the world and

He was burned out!

Five years ago Russell Vance was a geriatric psychotherapist who thought he had many more years of work ahead of him, “But I was burned out,” he said. “Within 18 months, my wife, my mother and my father had all died. It wasn’t until my daughter told me, ‘You know,

His company’s retirement portal was frustrating.

His company’s retirement portal was frustrating.

Cassius and Valerie had saved and planned for their future, but as the time grew near, the company’s online retirement calculator just wasn’t cutting it. They needed to know if their retirement goals were really possible. Could they actually travel to exotic locations and visit their grandchildren frequently while maintaining

Retired Rock Climber Continues to Discover New Heights.

It was equal parts nostalgia and love for the great outdoors that led Tom Cromer and his friend, Roger Adams, to Mount Moran, a mountain in Grand Teton National Park in western Wyoming, during the summer of 2016. Tom, a semi-retired engineer, and his wife of 30 years, Chris, consulted

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