In Memory of Retired Air Force Maj. Jon Lee Stem Box – A Life of Service


From helping to develop the use for edge warfighter technology to mentoring young men and organizing men’s prayer groups, Jon Box had the heart of a leader and a servant up until his passing in March 2021 after his year-long battle with glioblastoma brain cancer.

Throughout his career and life, he made a lasting impact on people he met including Vector Wealth Strategies’ leaders Jay Dryden and Kelly Moise.

“As an advisor, you’re probably not supposed to have favorites, but man, he would certainly make the shortlist,” Jay said. “Jon was a client, but long before that he was a mentor and a good friend. We really became close comrade-in-arms working together as part of the Men’s Ministry at our church. He’s one of those guys where everyone who knows him well, will miss him a lot.”

When Kelly’s son, Kieran, was researching colleges, she asked Jon, an alumnus of the U.S. Air Force Academy, to share his experiences with him.

“Even while battling brain cancer, Jon was still a passionate advocate for the academy,” Kelly said. “He spent hours talking to Kieran and answering his questions.”

After a year of hard work, Kieran received his acceptance letter from the United States Air Force Academy.

“Jon was definitely the catalyst in his decision to move forward with the application process and even inspired the idea of him becoming a fighter pilot, which I’m still on the fence about. Whatever path Kieran chooses, Jon played a huge part in it.”

Jon’s career with the Air Force is loaded with impressive awards and recognitions, but one of his most impressive achievements is his role in developing the methodology for using the Predator UAV, an unmanned remote-controlled aircraft that can fly into hostile areas to report on battlefield conditions without endangering military personnel. He also served on several flight missions including Desert Storm air refueling missions over northern Iraq and flew VC-10K tankers as an exchange officer with the Royal Air Force.

After retiring from the military in 1999, Jon used his expertise to consult in warfighter support for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance until his retirement in 2019. 

His goal for retirement was to live in service to others, especially mentoring young men involved in His Way Ministry, a Christ-based addiction recovery program, and spending time with his family. 

“We all feel fortunate to have known Jon and are thankful for what he gave during his lifetime,” Jay said. “We especially want to recognize Jon as a veteran and his service to this country.”

Jon is survived by his wife Lynn and sons Taylor, Geoffry and Daniel and daughter Elizabeth, who also serves in the U.S. Air Force.

We invite you to read the beautiful story of Jon’s impact on the Predator Program written by Ray Miller 

Ray Miller’s Comments on Jon Box

Inspired by Jon’s story? You may donate to His Way, a Christ-based men’s addiction recovery program, in his memory.

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