Thank You From Our Vector Pirates

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A Big Thank You from the Vector Pirates

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We wanted to get together with our beloved pirates to thank you for your amazing contributions to our Community Scholars Fund!  But with COVID-19 still making getting together difficult, we found that trying to get our pirates to use technology proved even more problematic!  We thought we would give you a glimpse as to how the call went!

Take 1 – “Um…we don’t believe you need to have a cat…I apologize – I meant lawyer on this call.”

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Take 2 – “No…I don’t think we need accessories…wait – is that a unicorn hat?!”

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Take 3 – Better…but, um…not quite the look we were going for…I think Pirate Kelly may be on the right track!”

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Take 4 – “I think this may be the best we can get…we appreciate you giving us your best pirate smile for this one!”

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All joking aside, we hope you have enjoyed this as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!  It doesn’t replace the amazing Casino Night we have, but we’re hopeful to get together later this year and celebrate again!  We cannot express enough appreciation for your generous donations.  With your help we have been able to raise $78,000 this year for these well deserving students!  All because of incredible clients like you! 

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If this is the first time you are seeing our pirate’s adventure, come follow us on Facebook and join along for the adventure!


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