Promoted to Lead Advisor – Congratulations, Nick!

Since his initial interview in 2018, Vector recognized that Nick Jackson was a star in the making. Despite his baby face, he was an old soul. From a standout performance as one of our first ever VectorNext Interns to his maturity and leadership in his first year — which happened to include the early pandemic chaos that was March 2020 — Nick has consistently exceeded expectations. 

During his time as an associate advisor, Nick has impressed the leadership at Vector with his ability to quickly develop rapport with existing clients and recent referrals alike. In line with Vector’s mission, Nick has crafted dozens of financial plans to help clients work toward their financial goals and vision for their retirement lifestyles. He also had made deep impacts in our community by helping clients connect their philanthropy to their personal missions. His research into the topics and grasp of the financial concepts that affect retirees the most would be considered top of the class by even the highest standards. And it is not just the team at Vector who can attest to this. This past November, Nick achieved his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification at a younger age than many of his peers. In fact, the CFP Board reports that there are currently more CFPs over the age of 70 than there are under the age of 30.

To reflect his achievements and advanced abilities, Vector is pleased to announce Nick’s promotion to VWS Lead Advisor. His path at Vector has reflected his intelligence and talent, as he has grown from a VectorNext Intern to Associate Advisor to Lead Advisor, and we have no doubt that his future is even brighter.


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