New Hope Children’s Clinic Grant

New Hope Children's Clinic

Vector Wealth Strategies is pleased to announce the New Hope Children’s Clinic as being one of our most recent grant recipients!

 The New Hope Children’s Clinic provides local area children with low-cost healthcare.  NHCC staff utilizes a multi-disciplinary team of paid and volunteer health care professionals that includes pediatricians, nurse practitioner, mental health counselors, registered nurses and administrative staff. These professionals work side-by-side in coordinating care for more than 1,000 patients and educate families about illness, nutrition, mental health, asthma treatment and injury prevention.  Providers work cooperatively with the school nurses, coaches, counselors, teachers and principals to ensure that the clinic is an integral part of the life at the New Hope Schools.

 Congratulations New Hope Children’s Clinic! We are excited to see the impact you are making in the community! Please check out this and the other ways we are giving back to our community at

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