Words From Our Interns

“I have learned an incredible amount of valuable information during my time at Vector. I entered the internship looking for career direction and left having clarity. The people at Vector take you in and allow you to become a part of their special team. They invest in you and genuinely care about helping you figure out the industry. Vector is a unique place that is doing some amazing work not only for their clients, but for the community as a whole.”

Emily Bradford, Former Intern from Freed-Hardeman University

“My experience as an intern at Vector confirmed why I wanted a career in financial services. Interacting with clients and working behind the scenes, I learned that it took a delicate mix of soft skills, like communication skills in addition to technical knowledge to be an effective advisor. Now as an Associate Advisor, I love coming to work every day knowing that I am helping clients achieve their lifelong goals and dreams while being surrounded by a team that is motivated by that same goal.”

Marshall Dearing, CFP ®, Associate Advisor, Former Intern from Freed-Hardeman University

“When I accepted an internship at Vector, I had no clue what kind of opportunities would present themselves. I knew I had a passion for financial services, but didn’t know what that meant for my career path. I knew I wanted to be part of a collaborative team that is focused on helping each other be the best version of themselves. Reflecting, I could not imagine calling anywhere else “home.” Vector continues to invest in the next generation of talented people seeking to make a meaningful difference, and I have been a direct beneficiary of that investment.”

Nick Jackson, CFP®, Lead Advisor, Former Intern from Freed-Hardeman University

“My internship at Vector has been one of the most valuable experiences of my college years. I’m passionate about helping people and working with a smaller company culture to do so, and I’ve been continually impressed by Vector. The team operates as a tight-knit group. As much as I learned by joining in on client meetings, I got equal value out of conversations over lunch. I’m deeply thankful for Vector allowing me to learn, participate, and contribute throughout the last few months. I entered my internship conflicted about which future career path I would take, and I exit with much more clarity. Vector helped me get to this point by providing me the opportunity and space to process my college
classroom experience in a workplace.”

Matthew Goldstein, Former Intern from UA Huntsville

“Interning at Vector was such a valuable experience for me in learning communication and personal skills that I use today in my job at a nonprofit. Vector’s commitment to the community and charitable efforts inspired me to pursue that kind of impact in my own career. Even though I didn’t go into financial planning, I learned more about the world of finance than my college classes could ever teach me, and I
use that knowledge today.”

Bailey Tibbs, Director of Finance at Foundations For Hope, Former Intern from The University of Alabama

“I am extremely thankful for my time as a Vector intern. Jay, Kelly, Josh, and the entire Vector staff are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to investments and financial planning. More importantly, they’re also wonderful people. This was the best internship I could have had in college. It taught me lessons on finance but also on life and family and served as an amazing stepping stone into my career. Even though I didn’t go into the wealth management industry, my time at Vector taught me invaluable lessons about financial planning that have already begun paying dividends.”

Taylor Clemons, Pricing Analyst at Simulation Technologies, Inc., Former Intern from UA Huntsville

“Maintaining client relationships is important in any business. I learned a lot while attending client meetings, and I’m grateful even in my current role to have experienced this while interning with Vector. Beyond the client and prospect meetings, I loved the fun events, such as Casino Night, and getting to know clients in a laid-back atmosphere because relationships formed at these events can carry over to the business side, as well. Vector does an excellent job at providing interns with an experience that mimics what a career in wealth management is like.”

Tana Williams, Senior Accountant at Fouts & Morgan CPAs, PC. , Former Intern from Freed-Hardeman University

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