Marshall Dearing, CFP®

Associate Advisor

The goal at Vector Wealth Strategies is always to provide you with guidance and assistance, as you transition from success in your career to significance in your retirement. We also work to ensure that your second half is secure even as our Lead Advisors consider their own second half life goals. Our Associate Advisor program was developed to train the next generation of talented Lead Advisors who will care for you and your family for generations to come. As a first year Associate Advisor Marshall’s role is to listen and learn. He attends client meetings to help the Lead Advisor take notes, create follow up tasks and delegate work to the service team. He then works behind the scenes with the Lead Advisors monitoring investments and drafting financial plans while he continues to study and work toward his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.

Already quite accomplished academically, Marshall graduated from Freed-Hardeman University with a BBA and MBA in Financial Planning. As a student, Marshall was honored to serve as the Portfolio Manager of the student-led Clayton Investment Team while also balancing involvement in numerous on-campus clubs and being named Homecoming King and Mr. FHU.

It was at Freed where he met his wonderful and talented wife, Emma who is a Registered Nurse. At home, Marshall and Emma enjoy cooking together, having friends over, and playing with their massive and clumsy German Shepherd, Mina, and newest addition, Margot. Marshall loves to golf any opportunity he gets and also enjoys playing music, and according to Jay, with a little practice he could be the best wakeboarder on the Tennessee River. Marshall feels blessed to be part of a family of people invested in loving and serving others.

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