How do I choose a financial planner?

There are some industry standards to help with your choice such as the CFP® certification which means that person is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. This can provide you with some initial direction, but even with designations, there are a wide array of results in the advice you will receive. So, a good way to begin might be to start with your friends and former coworkers who have already retired. You could also consult other professionals like CPAs or attorneys that you already work with. Consulting these individuals can help you to create a short list of financial advisors who have at least been helpful to people in similar situations as you. Once you begin interviewing candidates, you should also choose an advisor who will help you set realistic expectations and map out a plan to achieve those goals. An often overlooked thing to consider is choosing a financial advisor who is direct with you. Don’t just pick someone that tells you what you want to hear. And lastly, performance is important over time, but market returns will come and go. So, be mindful of financial advisors who focus their discussion on performance instead of asking you about your goals and dreams.

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