What is involved in retirement planning?

Retirement planning should consider everything you want to accomplish in retirement. A financial advisor at Vector Wealth Strategies can help you achieve a smooth transition from success in your career to significance in your second half. Developing a financial plan for this big occasion involves taking a look into who you want to be when […]

How do I choose a financial planner?

There are some industry standards to help with your choice such as the CFP® certification which means that person is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. This can provide you with some initial direction, but even with designations, there are a wide array of results in the advice you will receive. So, a good way to begin might be […]

Is it worth the money to hire a financial advisor?

Like many things in life, it depends on who you hire, but across most aspects of your financial well-being, such as investment selection, tax planning, or retirement planning, the resounding answer is yes. It is important to consider everything your financial advisor is doing for you when considering the cost. At Vector, we are constantly […]

Do I need a financial advisor or should I do it myself?

Financial advisors are similar in many ways to physicians. You can read online about a lot of sicknesses, symptoms, and home remedies. That might even be all that you need if you just have the sniffles. However, we all agree that self-diagnosis from WebMD is not the best nor most accurate remedy for anything more […]

When should I get a wealth manager?

All wealth managers are financial advisors, but not all financial advisors are wealth managers. Wealth management becomes more relevant when your net worth exceeds a certain point and your financial future involves more complex planning than your everyday financial plan. Topics like estate planning, tax efficiency, and philanthropy all become an essential part of wealth […]

What does a financial advisor cost?

Some financial advisors make only commissions, other financial advisors charge by the hour for their advice, while other financial advisors charge a flat fee. Many financial advisors charge based on the amount of money that they oversee through their investment management services, otherwise known as assets under management (AUM). A fee for investment management can […]

What does a financial planner do?

Financial planners work side-by-side with their clients to craft personalized financial plans to propel them toward their financial goals. A big topic that the financial advisors at Vector Wealth strategies helps tackle on a daily basis is the looming client question, “When can I retire?” Through careful retirement planning and thorough analysis, we determine when […]

When should I start saving for retirement?

As the old proverb says, “There is no time like the present.” Americans are living longer and therefore need to save more than ever to know they have developed a sound financial plan for retirement. Due to constant improvements in our healthcare system along with healthier lifestyle choices, the average lifespan of Americans is up. […]

When should I get a financial advisor?

Typically, the sooner you hire a financial advisor, the better. Often people start working with a financial advisor around big life changes like a marriage, changing jobs, children being born, or retirement. It might help to think about your personal retirement plan as a cross-country road trip to the West Coast. It would be extremely […]

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